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Motoring Matters - I'll Say it Does!

Welcome all motoring lovers. I originally created this web site to post pictures of some of my Dad's old cars - but then things just grew. I think it was James May (BBC Top Gear presenter and Daily Telegraph motoring journalist) who once wrote "cars are for buying, not for selling". How I wish we still had some of the cars we've owned in the family over the last 50+ years - and how I wish some of them had never been made in the first place!

Use the drop-dowm menu above to take a look at the following:

Early Jaguar Classics

You can see two of Dad's early Jaguars. I've done quite a bit of digging around on the web and I've never managed to find another pre-war 1.5 litre model like the one he had.

Family Porkers

Through no fault of our own we once had three Porsches in the family: Alex's was a 968, Matthew's a 944S2, and mine is a Carrera 3.2 (still in use at nearly 30 years old).

Honest John

I also browse and post to the Honest John backroom - this web site is run on behalf of HJ (or whatever his real name is) who writes a page in the motoring section of the Saturday Daily Telegraph. The site has a very lively bulleting board carrying a wide range of topics, from the erudite through the bigoted, to the plain ignorant. But what fun it is - quite the best motoring web site I know of.

Bits and Pieces

From time to time miscellaneous items come to my attention, that don't belong anywhere in particular. You'll find some interesting information about the real Fiat Multipla here, together with that all important maintenance chart for your Standard Ten - and more!