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Welcome to my web-site. There's nothing commercial about this site and it is also devoid of: politics, religion, and pornography - so if you think there might be some tacky "page 3" material lurking in the photographic section, then you've come to the wrong place.

My wife describes me as "a boy who never grew up" - and isn't that what most men are? Yes, there are explorers, pioneers, captains of industry, bungling politicians (nearly blew it!) and a whole host of busy bodies; but I'm not one of them. I like the quiet life, but not one without interests.

My interests are many and varied and, in addition to the sections on this web site, include: cycling (leisure and exercise, not sporting) walking, reading, classical music, caravanning, history, and genealogy. I'm also quite handy at DIY - having had six houses in our 44 years of marriage has honed these skills. My wife shares some of these interests, and has others of her own; she's much more creative in the garden than I am, and has a keen interest in birds.

We are both nearer 70 than 60 and I think we are termed "empty nesters", but we are definitely not "kippers". Both of our boys graduated, work professionally, and live away - but they visit frequently, and both of them are "petrol heads" - but we refer to them as "recycled teenagers".

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Name Ian Cook
e-mail iancook2000 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk - make the obvious substitutions. I've written it this way to stop spammers' search engines from peeling off my e-mail address.