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The Front Garden Project

The big project in 2001 was the front garden, which has been re-laid out following completion of the new garage in 2000. The idea was to create a low maintenance courtyard garden, using riven paving stones and moveable flower pots. In addition, we built a fixed raised flower bed - the capping to this wall has since been completed.

Starting the ground work - a soakaway had to be dug to drain water from the garage roof. The pavior blocks were laid on 4 inches of concrete, to take the load of a parked car.

The raised flower bed was built next - you can see the state of the ground that we subsequently had to level. Hell's half acre, we called it!

The finished paving. The two levels were used to give a reasonable transition, with only one moderate step. Paving stones were laid on a dry bed of sharp sand/cement mix - and grouted with the same. The brick pavior area provides level car parking, and somewhere to put the caravan when preparing for trips away. Flower pots and tubs have been used to make it easier to change planting, and to keep most maintenance off the ground. Pity about the rain!

2002 should have seen the drive finished off - but it had to wait until 2011 when we had new paviors laid. The personal door has been replaced with one in UPVC that opens outwards. The original timber one was hung opening inwards, but proved to be a mistake. The weather was so bad that a lot of water seeped in past the seal. It's all sorted now.