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Favourite Old Cars

The first is one of my favourites, a 1939 Jaguar 1.5 litre. It was fitted with a four cylinder, push rod, overhead valve engine. My father owned this car in about 1957. It looked magnificent in its gunmetal grey (metallic) paintwork, and was good for about 85 mph. One interesting feature was the "SS" emblem in the centres of its knock-off hub caps, the models being known as "Standard Special", or perhaps "Swallow Sidecar" - from which the Jaguar company originated.

The headlamps were interesting in that, typical of the period, the near side one dipped with a solenoid, while the off side lamp extinguished.


This elegant 1946 Jaguar 2.5 litre was owned by my father in about 1958. It was powered by a pushrod, overhead valve, straight six cylinder engine, and was quite thirsty. Resplendent in its black paintwork, it differed from the 1.5 litre model in having a "J" emblem in the centres of its knock-off hub caps (presumably because the "SS" of the pre-war model was deemed too offensive).

I remember the car as having a complete toolkit, housed in the boot lid in a green baize lined tray - a far cry from today's wheelbrace and cheap screwdriver!

The question is - "what would they be worth today?"

I haven't seen a 1.5 litre for years, but I saw a 2.5 litre model (in black, like my father's) at the classic car show in Birmingham, in 2000.