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The Dog House

When we bought the house there was a dreadful lean-to shed at the side. Obviously built by Heath Robinson, it had to go - but the basic principle was OK.

Matthew and I demolished it and set about building a better one. There is a slight digression in this next photograph. I bought an arbor, ready made from a small outfit in Shobdon (Herefordshire) and we had to get it off the trailer and into the back garden. The only way was to use poles, like stretcher bearers, and carry it through the Dog House, before we panelled in the back and front.

Here you can see the finished Dog House.

The rear is closed off with a door and provides an area to keep the barbecue.

The Dog House is a useful place to keep garden tools and all the other bits and pieces that I don't want cluttering up the garage(s).

The front also has a door and provides an area to keep the bins.