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Something Different

Fiat Multipla

I am indebted to John Davis for this cutting from an old motoring magazine. John is another regular contributor to the Honest John backroom, so you can get a taste of the topics covered.

These Fiats date originally from the late 1950s, and what's interesting is the Multipla. How the wheel goes full circle!

The Armitage Shanks

One of the regular contributors to the Honest John backroom recently posted a link to a logo - a somewhat unique letter "A". What was it? Armstrong Siddeley? Alvis? Austin?

No - it was the Armitage Shanks. These vehicles have disappeared into the ether, but I've found one! It was languishing in a barn at the agricultural museum of Leyhill prison in Gloucestershire - it's a 1947 model and in need of some TLC.

Interesting Tractor

Whilst I was wandering round Leyhill prison (not as an inmate, nor visiting relatives) I spotted this double engined Fordson Major tractor. I bet that had some grunt!

It has a massive power steering link connecting the two units, and duplex engine controls.

The Standard Ten

Also seen at Leyhill was an interesting old wall chart for servicing the Standard Ten. This had been retrieved from one of the prison workshops so, presumably, the prison (or its governor) had once owned one.