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The New Lodger

Unfortunately, we had to have Oscar (our 11 year old tabby) put down in October 2001. Very sad. Then, in January 2002, we decided that home wasn't the same without a cat. Apparently it's a bad time of the year for finding kittens, but we eventually happened upon a rescue centre in Bedminster Down (Bristol) and found Bertie. He was about 4 months old and had been abandoned in a box at the roadside, just before Christmas (or so the sob story went).

This picture was taken when he was about 6 months old. He had just about got over that awful delinquent "biting" phase, but trying to take photographs of him is nearly impossible, because he's so fast. You think you've got a nice picture, only to find that he's not in it!

Life's a bit sad at the moment. Bertie was perfectly healthy until about mid July 2014 when he stopped eating and went down hill rapidly. All he wanted to do was to sleep. After a short spell of investigation and treatment at the vet's we took the inevitable decision to have him put to sleep. We probably won't get another cat for a while, but if we relent then it'll be an older "rescue" cat.