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The Back Garden Project

Now.... everytime I look out of the window into the back garden I always seem to see this pole full of washing. Even when I want to cut the lawn, there is always washing on the pole. I sometimes think that we are running a laundry here. So, it's got to go - and that means moving the old pond behind the greenhouse to make way for it.

Rosemary is standing in the hole left when we removed the old pond. We had to transfer the one goldfish that we have, Misty, to a temporary home while we prepared the new pond.

Don't you just love builders! Look at all the concrete I found buried about a foot deep in the lawn. Anyway, the new pond is ready to have some water put in it to stabilise it on its bed of sand, and the two bags of spoil will go into the hole left by the old pond.

Looking from the upstairs window, the new pond will allow us to substatially re-lay out the garden next year.

This area behind the greenhouse has since been paved and the washing pole has been moved. Hooray! Job done!

In 2006, following my second early "retirement" I have extended the patio and pergola, altered the path to the back gate, and reshaped a flower bed that was an area where Rosemary grew a few vegetables - as you can see from the following photographs

That's it, for now - I'll keep you all posted about the next phase of rebuilding the family home!